The last few months have touched a raw nerve in many companies by exposing weaknesses in their processes and so put digitisation at the top of the agenda. Many things that were long overlooked, endlessly discussed or only planned in the past have now been implemented in a fast-track process.

If we can take something positive out of this crisis, it is the fact that many companies have had to jump in at the deep end and learn to digitise their processes. And to the surprise of many - it works!

And that is a good thing. Because when it comes to digitisation, many areas in Germany are lagging far behind. Faxes instead of e-mails, endless meetings instead of video conferences, software that hasn’t been maintained for years and creates more problems than it solves: especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as owner-managed traditional and family-owned companies are struggling with this topic.


This more or less forced digitalisation momentum must be taken advantage of. Because just as quickly as the wave came, so quickly were some companies faced with problems and construction sites for which no solution is (yet) available.

For smaller projects, the Ministry is now offering support with the help of the go-digital support program. The program promotes targeted consulting and implementation services by authorised consulting firms in the following modules:

  • “Digital business processes”
  • “Digital market development”
  • “IT Security”;

in legally independent commercial enterprises (SMEs), including handicrafts with technological potential.


It is often the case that you do not know exactly what the problem is. But you do know that there is a problem somewhere: too slow, too little, too inefficient. Luckily the good thing about the support program is that is there for you to get advice and find a solution. The costs of the consulting service are covered up to 50 percent.

As an authorized go-digital consulting company, cronn offers qualified and competent advice and support for the “Digital business processes” module. The following areas are eligible for funding:

  • Introduction of e-business software solutions for complete or partial processes of the company, including the most secure processing options within the company or between companies and customers or business partners

  • Depending on the level of knowledge, experience and implementation within the company, the following consulting and implementation services are possible: shipping and returns management, logistics, warehousing, electronic payment procedures

The aim is to digitise workflows in companies as consistently as possible and to establish secure electronic and mobile processes.


The following conditions apply to small and medium-sized commercial enterprises (SMEs), including handicrafts with technological potential:

  • The company must have less than 100 employees.
  • The annual turnover or the annual balance sheet total (in the year prior to the conclusion of the contract) must not exceed 20 million euros.
  • The company must be eligible under the de minimis rule.
  • The company must have a permanent establishment or branch in Germany.
  • The company, together with its “partner companies” and “affiliated companies”, may not exceed the aforementioned requirements for number of employees and annual turnover or balance sheet total.
  • Start-ups can be advised within the scope of go-digital if a significant business operation with sufficient turnover can already be identified.

Further information on the BMWi’s support program can be found here.

go-digital – Our offer

Do you want to advocate and drive the digital transformation in your company? We support you in your digitisation process.

cronn is an authorized partner of the BMWi for the support program go-digital. If you would like to know if and how your company can benefit from go-digital, please contact us. Our experts will advise you and show you possible solutions. We take care of the application and the implementation of the coordinated measures.

Send us an inquiry to or call us at 0228 710 310 0. We will contact you shortly!

Note: cronn is one of many authorized consulting companies. Much of the information on this site is provided by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). If you would like to find out about the support program from the BMWi itself, we recommend you visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy with information about the support program “go-digital”.

–– Translated from German by Julia Bażańska